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Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean

1 Mar

Davy Jones, 1945-2012

Nope. I’m not going to do it. This is all hitting too close to home.

By this point, if you read this blog you have likely already heard that Davy Jones of the Monkees passed away, felled by a massive heart attack at the relatively young age of 66. Also, if you read this blog you likely know me, so you know how much I positively adore the Monkees. (The uninitiated can read about my quest to see them in concert last summer here.) Davy being the youngest of the Monkees, I never for a minute thought that he’d be the first one to go. I sat at the computer tonight with every intention of writing a tidy “In Memoriam” post…but it ain’t happening. Right now, there is simply too much love.

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Get Me to the Greek

15 Jul

Los Angeles is trembling in its collective boots as I type. Once midnight strikes, the 405 freeway will be shut down for 53 hours over a 10-mile stretch as workers partially dismantle the Mulholland Bridge – an event of potentially city-clogging proportions that is now known nationwide as “Carmageddon”.

Carmageddon is severely fucking up my concert-going plans this weekend. Continue reading