About This Blog and I.

I’m Angie Seibold:  a transplanted Southerner, now a long-time Los Angeles resident.  I am more obsessed with the power of music than you can imagine, though I myself am not a musician, nor do I work in the biz.  I still own a ton of CDs and love experiencing live music.  I’ve got a fabulous husband, a cluttered apartment, and a job that pays me enough to indulge in the aforementioned CDs and live music.

The Essential Noise is a compendium of stories, thoughts and ramblings from this music-filled existence.  This isn’t intended to be a guide to what’s hot now, but rather to stir discussion about the artists that move us all, new or old.   I’ll write about my favorite artists and music news of the day, and will occasionally embark on some music-related experiments.  And if you have five seconds to spare, I’ll tell you the story of my life…


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