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So Reel

25 Jun

I’ve been bothered recently by a flurry of movie casting news. Yes, The Essential Noise is a music blog, but bear with me here. Continue reading


Scooter and the Big Man

22 Jun

Clarence Clemons, 1942-2011

“…If we didn’t play together, the E Street Band at this point would probably not know one another. We wouldn’t be in this room together. But we do…We do play together. And every night at 8p.m., we walk out on stage together and that, my friends, is a place where miracles occur…old and new miracles. And those you are with, in the presence of miracles, you never forget. Life does not separate you. Time does not separate you. Animosities do not separate you. Death does not separate you.” Continue reading

Reality Killed the Video Star

18 Jun

Being sick sucks. A particularly nasty stomach bug has confined me to home for, as of today, four days. There’s a certain luxury to sick days, however, because suddenly, you have free reign to watch whatever crap you want on TV. This sick run has included reruns of “Ellen”, “The Price is Right” and DVD marathons of “South Park” and “The State”. Oh, “The State”, the mid-90s sketch comedy show from MTV. If I were sick as a kid, I’d be content to watch MTV all day. Hell, if I were awake as a kid, and a teenager, and an adult, I was content to watch MTV all day. Continue reading

It’s a Shpadoinkle Day

13 Jun

I love it when my pop culture favorites get their due – respect from their peers and a nice piece of hardware. The accolades roll so trippingly off my tongue.  Academy Award Winner Christian Bale. Grammy Winners Phoenix. As of last night, I can add to that list: Tony Winners Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Their The Book of Mormon won a commanding nine Tonys, including awards for Best Musical, Book and Original Score. Continue reading

Losing My Religion?

12 Jun

I feel a little prick of shame every time a variant of this conversation happens…

My Friend to New Person: Oh, you should totally talk to Angie. She’s a music nut.
New Person to Me: Oh, cool! So, who should I be listening to right now?
Me: (stammering) Continue reading